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Telecom Center Observatory

Telecom Center in Odaiba houses an observatory that offers some amazing views of two iconic places in Tokyo.  You can learn what those two places are in this article.

The Telecom Center Observatory, located in Odaiba, is great for one thing.  It has one absolutely killer view. It is amazing. The rest of the observatory though, in my opinion, is very average.  However, if you are after a couple of really special photos of two iconic places in Tokyo pictures from an observatory, this is one of the best places to go.  It’s just a pity that the rest of the observatory isn’t so good.

The view from the Telecom Center Observatory

Looking a little to the right and Palette Town and its Ferris Wheel are easily visible

And those iconic places are Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower - the tower behind the bridge.  The view is beautiful, especially at night. Around sunset and just after, you can get some amazing photos.  From the same window, you can also photograph the Ferris Wheel at Palette Town and get Tokyo Skytree behind. Plus, if the weather is kind to you, you might be able to get Mt. Fuji in your photo too, but that is something I’ve never been able to get!

The Telecom Center Building

A closer shot of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower under a spectacular sunset

The rest though, is rather average.  Yes, you can see Tokyo Gate Bridge to the east, but in that area it is mainly docks and sea, not really interesting unless you get a big ship coming in.  In the southernish areas you have the Aomi Container Area and Haneda Airport, but that is pretty far. To shoot the airport you’d need a good zoom lens. So, in all honesty, I think for many people some of the views will not be impressive.  But, just to repeat, the views towards Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower are amazing, and at night … even better.

The daytime view - looking towards Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and the rest of Odaiba on a cloudy day

Night views don't get much better than this

The other problem with this observatory, is that it is similar in one aspect to the Bunkyo Civic Center Observatory in that it doesn’t offer a full 360’ view, it is only about 270’.  And as it is only twenty-one floors up, it isn’t that high. Still, that view towards Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower is really nice!

Tokyo Gate Bridge seen from the Observatory

Tokyo Gate Bridge seen during the day from Telecom Center

Last thing, this is the one of those rare observatories in Tokyo that allows the use of tripods which I have used myself.  It also has free WIFI and binoculars. You can see Telecom Center’s website here.

Haneda Airport in the distance and cranes of the port below

How to get to Telecom Center Observatory

Telecom Center, on the Yurikamome line, is the closest station and it is just outside the building.  Here is a Google map to show you:

Once in the building take the elevator, which is on the left side of the building, and head up to the twenty-first floor

Admission costs

Five hundred yen (cash only)

Opening hours

Telecom Center Observatory is open from 3 pm to 9 pm Tuesday to Friday (and public holidays).  On Saturdays and Sundays it is open from 11 am to 9 pm. The deck is closed on Mondays.

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