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I think that if you are reading this, you like Tokyo as much as I do.  And for me to bring you more great pictures and information about this great city, I need your help.  I can hear you asking, "Why?".

My dream is to make this a full-time job so I can make Tokyo in Pics into a major source of information for those coming to visit the city, but it isn’t easy.  Running a site isn’t free.  Of course, there is a fee for getting the website through my provider, which to be honest, isn’t overly expensive itself - it is everything that is associated with it that brings up the costs. 

When travelling to places throughout Tokyo there is a transport cost which if I go out numerous days per week adds up very quickly.  For example if I go to Tokyo Big Site in Odaiba for an event that might be a 600 yen one trip, which is about US$5.40 so coming home doubles that.  Do that two or three times a week or more and over the course of a year it all adds up, and if possible I would like to do it every day.

A lot of places I go to in Tokyo require entry fees.  Some places I go are extremely cheap only needing a few hundred yen while other places require several thousand yen (getting up to US$20) and even more.  And there is the cost associated with equipment, a camera, lenses, memory cards etc.  It all costs money, as does taking days off work to go to some events to get pictures to place on the blog like I did with the Tokyo Auto Salon earlier this year.

If you like this website and appreciate what I do, please consider supporting Tokyo in Pics with a monetary donation by clicking the button at the top so I can spend more time on building this site to bring you the best possible information and pictures.

Yours sincerely,

Rohan Gillett