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Parks and Gardens in Tokyo

Tokyo is filled with many great parks and gardens with something for everyone!  Have a look at what is on offer in the city on the Tokyo in website!

Tokyo is often criticized for never having enough greenery, but I beg to differ.  I honestly believe the city has an abundance of good parks and gardens.  The most famous of them would probably be Shinjuku Gyoen in Shinjuku, and Yoyogi park next to Harajuku station.  These two, as well as other modern creations  around the city do Tokyo proud.  Shinjuku Gyoen has its three distinct gardens while Yoyogi is more of a social hub.  They are truly great multi-purpose parks.

 However, the parks I love most in Tokyo are those from the Edo-period and these are the some of the finest parks you’ll ever likely find.  With the exception of Hama-Rikyu Gardens, most of them are quite small but they have a lot in them.  They all follow the style of the period with a central pond and a path that runs around the perimeter so you can enjoy a nice walk looking over the water.  And yet they all have their own personalities, none could be called a copy or clone of another.  They are quiet, pleasant places where we can enjoy a nice walk in the modern, bustling city.

 Whatever park you visit I’m sure you’ll find something in them, that will grab your interest or maybe even just make you want to sit and relax!

 Here is the full list of parks that you can read about on Tokyo in Pics.  Click on a picture to go to the full articles!