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Meguro Sky Garden

Meguro Sky Garden is an incredible piece of engineering that hides a busy road junction with an urban oasis.  Read and see more of it here!

Imagine having a picnic or chilling out under the sun reading a book in a garden that is above a major road junction in Tokyo.  You can do exactly that at Meguro Sky Garden, which is an incredible piece of engineering and architecture. One hundred and seventy-five meters in length and one hundred and thirty meters in diameter, it has a circular garden on top, thirty-five meters up at its highest point and eleven at its lowest, that you can enjoy all year round.  It is a great place to visit as it is an oasis that gives you a break from the busy city.

Meguro Sky Garden - an urban oasis above a busy road

Taken from maybe the highest point in the garden

I like it a lot, as it is something so different.  From the outside, it kind of looks like the Colosseum, but with leaves jumping out from the top!  Yes, real trees up there! Get inside and take the elevator to top and prepare to be amazed because high up above the ground, you can actually take a walk around a garden.  And I stress “around”, because it is circular, nothing in middle! Get in middle as close to the fence as possible and look down, about twenty meters below, you’ll see a soccer field!

You are on the ground but about thirty meters up here - in the distance is Carrot Tower in Setagaya ward

At one end of the garden you'll find Cross Air Tower

And at the other end you'll find Prism Tower

The garden is great, very beautiful with something for every season.  It has many paths to explore and the sunsets from the top are very nice too!  The place is hardly ever crowded. And the noise from the busy roads that pass by, is very limited.  Meguro Sky Garden is a very good place for a picnic, but just remember that as there are no rubbish bins you need to take your rubbish with you when you leave.

Yes, they really grow vegetables up on Meguro Sky Garden

When it comes to photography though, it’s not so good as the fence I mentioned before, around the side of the structure and the many trees there, get in the way of any good scenic shots.  Yes, you can see through the fence, but that’ll be hard to do for most cameras. Still, you can get some nice shots here and there of the surrounding area. On a nice day, you can supposedly see Mt. Fuji, but I still haven’t seen it yet.

All the way down the bottom you can see the soccer field

A great place for a picnic or just to relax

If you are looking for something unusual to see; have a picnic in an interesting place, or; a lover of architecture/engineering Meguro Sky Garden might be the place for you.  You can see its (Japanese) website here.

Here, at the lowest part of Meguro Sky Garden you can just see the top of a truck as it passes by

How to get to Meguro Sky Garden

The garden is very close to Ikejiri Ohashi station which is on the Tokyu-Den-En-Toshi line.  Leave via the south exit and it is only a few minutes away. Here is a Google map:

Admission Costs


Opening hours

From April to October Meguro Sky Garden is open from 7am to 7pm.  From November to March it is open from 7am to 5pm.

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