Tokyo in Pics

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A page with links to people in Tokyo I like

Are you on the east side of Tokyo and want to rent a bicycle for the day?  Alohaloco

If you need some information about bouldering, this website can help you - OnlineObservation

If you are into bicycling seriously this place can help you out with your training regime - CITTEC/Cafe Galibier

He mightn’t be in Tokyo anymore, but this guy makes some cool pictures - David Davis

English Delivery Service - run by a friend of mine, Stuart Chapman. If you need English lessons, he is the guy to talk to!

Huckster - If you have a business in Tokyo and need some signboards, you need this company. I know the boss there and he’s a great guy

Road Trip Japan - Ever thought of doing a road trip in Japan?  Yes? Then you might need their campervan

Timely Photo - not about Tokyo, but if you like photography you might want to check this website as it is very nice.  Plus, it is run by a great guy who shoots Fujifilm!

Tokyo Times - run by Lee Chapman, this is my favourite Tokyo/Japan photo website. Brilliant stuff!