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A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

Timing and the skyscrapers of Nishi-Shinjuku

The skyscrapers of Shinjuku are very high on my list of things to photograph in Tokyo.  Luckily, there are several good places in the area to photograph them from, but this time I chose Kabukicho.  On a street corner there you can catch most of the buildings, a lot of street traffic and the trains leaving or pulling into the JR station.  My plan was to get all those elements along with a nice sunset in the background. It seemed like a good plan for the long exposure I envisioned.  However, as I’ve discovered many times over in photography, good plans don’t always work.

 Timing, in photography, can be so hard.  For this picture the sun wouldn’t cooperate, nor would the trains!  No matter how many times I pressed the shutter button, I couldn’t get everything to align.  I could get one thing, but another would be missing. In the end I did get the next best thing, lots of very dark clouds.  They are full of energy and they gave me the background I was looking for. So, I’ll be trying this particular spot and composition out another time and hopefully then I’ll get a better picture.  Until then, I’ll have to make do with this. What do you think of it anyway?