Tokyo in Pics


A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

Tokyo Metropolitan Buildings 1 & 2 from a new angle

Did you know that the Tokyo Metropolitan Building consists of two buildings? It does, a No. 1, which has the two observatories, and a No. 2.  I’ve photographed the main building many times, but never have I taken a picture of it with the other alongside, until now. I thought I had taken pictures of the No. 1 building, from every conceivable angle, but after walking around Nishi-Shinjuku a lot over a few days I remembered a pedestrian bridge nearby which was a great place to put a camera.  And while I was taking the picture below, it made me think. How many times can you photograph a place and still have it looking new and fresh?

Do you think there is a hard limit, or is the limit just your imagination? And then of course, if you are photographing outside you can play with different types of weather. Or is there another answer? What do you think? As a matter of fact, is this picture new and fresh for you? For me, it is an interesting question as I still plan on photographing the Tokyo Metropolitan Building again and again, when opportunities present themselves. I just hope I can continue to find new ways and places.