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Getting a snap at Seibu Department Store

The Seibu Department store in Shibuya is made up of two buildings, the main one and an annex.  The two are joined by enclosed overpasses that give quite nice views of Inokashira-Dori (Inokashira Avenue) that passes below.  Unfortunately, with the topmost bridge closed to the public, I could only get as high as the one on the third floor to take this picture.  I always get a buzz looking at the people on ground level, looking like ants scurrying around doing their shopping.

Whenever I photograph in Shibuya, I’d guess that most of my pictures are taken at ground level, so it is good to get above ground.  Once I change to part-time, from mid-October, I’ll be spending more of my time looking for spots like this. Urbex, here I come?