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A quick update on life

Hi all and very sorry I haven’t posted as much on the website recently. Between rain and work, things have been quite difficult. I think I’ve only been posting two or three times a week at most, when I’d rather be posting every day. So, I have decided to change my life path! From the middle of October I will only be teaching three days a week and the rest will be spent on photography. Yes, a big change is coming!

Why the change? Well, I enjoy my teaching, and even though I’ve been doing it for an extremely long time it’s not really my calling in life. But, at this point in time I should be doing something that I love and something that is more suited to the longer-term. I need to put more and more time into my photography if I want it be a real career. Teaching takes up so much of time it has become a hindrance. So, judging by the amount of money I have in bank account, I think I can carry out my new plan for at least a year before needing to rethink my strategy again if things don’t turn out. Between now and that time I will be trying to find ways to supplement my current work.

Anyway, tonight, after finishing shooting for a client (yes, I already have one!) at Roppongi Hills I thought I might get a few shots of the skyscraper before heading home. It’s a fabulous looking building. But as I had work early the following morning, I wasn’t able to get as many pictures as I wanted. I’d never done long exposures of the building before and I’m looking forward to doing it again. And I was expecting it to be tripod unfriendly, but quite a few security guards walked past me without saying a thing which made me extremely happy!