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Up against the wall!

It’s amazing what some patience can do! I’ve been trying to get this picture at Tokyo International Forum for the longest time, literally months, but just couldn’t get exactly what I wanted. Every time, I waited on a bench for an opportunity, but luck was against me. Too many people in the frame, or the one person I wanted was too close to the camera. I was after a special shot.

This wall is a fantastic place place to photograph as it is big and with all the vertical slats along it, it has great symmetry. In itself, it is interesting, but on a hot summer’s day with one person in the frame slightly bent over and in black and white, it provokes the image of the human against the environment - just trying to move ahead, one foot at a time. That is my interpretation.

It was good to get this shot after having waited such a long time for it. Next visit I hope to get a completely type of person and see how that image turns out. I guess it will be just another round of the waiting game. Just hopefully not months!