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The giant spider of Roppongi Hills

The Maman Spider Sculpture by Louise Bourgeois is a famous landmark under one of Tokyo’s tallest skyscrapers, Roppongi Hills.  Standing at 30 feet tall and 33 feet wide, it is very hard to miss but probably not the best place to meet someone if they have a fear of arachnids.  But that is what is often for, a meeting spot. To be honest, the first time I saw it I was creeped out a little, but now it has just become a part of the area. And these days it actually reminds me more of one of the Martian’s from the H. G. Wells book, War of the Worlds.

From below the creature, if you look up, you can see twenty-six marble eggs inside the spider’s abdomen which is made of bronze.  It is an amazing piece of work with a lot of detail to see in it.  

There are six more of these manan sculptures around the world.  And to be honest, even if you have a fear of arachnids, I doubt you’ll find them very scary!  After all, the artist created them in honour of her mother and spiders are nurturers and protectors of their young, plus they also weave and spin their homes. If they still scare you, maybe try and think of it as one of the Martians from that H. G. Wells book.