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A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

The snowfall of January 2018 at Hie Shrine

This photograph was taken at Hie Shrine in January 2018 when Tokyo last received a lot of snow. I took it from near the haiden (the place where you pray) while looking towards one of the entrances. The architecture of the shrine is so beautiful, being of the Gongen Zukuri style with vermilion-lacquered finishing as was favoured by the Tokugawa.

Taken two days after the heavy snowfall, you can see there was still a lot of snow still on the ground when I went there. I think the staff had had a busy time keeping the path cleared with their shovels. The girl in the orange hakama is a miko, or shrine maiden.

Even though the city had basically ground to a halt during the snow, it did look very pretty for a while! Hie shrine was especially beautiful.