Tokyo in Pics


A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower at night

One of my favourite buildings in Tokyo, and definitely my number one in Shinjuku is Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower.  Until recently it posed some problems because when I photographed such vertically unchallenged buildings from very close it was hard to fit the entire structure into the frame, even using a wide angle lens like the Fujifilm 10-24 mm, which is what I used for this picture.   To overcome this, I often took two pictures, one of the bottom half and another of the top half, then stitch them together in Lightroom. Not the most elegant solution to this problem, but better than nothing. Well, I don’t have this problem anymore! Why?

Well! Recently I bought an L-bracket which allows me to mount my camera vertically on a tripod. And voila! The whole structure is now in my viewfinder! Amazing! I now have an amazingly useful piece of kit in my camera bag and am going to be using it very often. If you are into architectural photography you should think about buying one of these things as they can save you a lot of trouble!