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Views from the Carrot

Recently, I think I have turned into a sunset seeker. For this article, I decided to Carrot Tower near Sangenjaya in Setagaya Tower. How the building got its name I have no idea, but as it does have an orangish type of colour, I guess it is a no-brainer. And up on its twenty-sixth floor, you’ll find an observation floor that is pretty good. Not a true observatory, more like a floor with a few good windows.

To the east, is Minato ward where lies Roppongi Hill and Tokyo Tower. Further afield, you’ll be able to see Tokyo Skytree all the way over in Sumida ward. Of course, you’ll be able to see a few other famous buildings and sites in between. A really nice view, especially if you can get lucky with the sun and clouds.

To the northeast is Shinjuku. I love the view of the skyscrapers from Carrot Tower, as this there are no other high vantage points on the west side of the city to view them from. It’s always good to get different angles of the city.

The only problem I had when I visited Carrot Tower to take these pictures was to the west, where it was full clouds that obscured Mount Fuji. That was what I really wanted to photograph. But whenever I visit Sangenjaya, I find it so hard to have good weather for that shot. Like so many other things in Tokyo sometimes you need to go again and again until the timing is good for that fine day. One day, I’ll get a nice picture of the mountain.

That is pretty much it. To the south, you can see all the way to Yokohama, but the view isn’t that interesting in my opinion which is a pity. And as for the rest of the floor, there is a cafe, a restaurant and a local radio station even has a booth there. There are lots of sofas and chairs to rest on as well. It’s a nice place. Underneath the building are two stations, one for the Setagaya line and the other for the Tokyu Den-en-toshi line. It’s an easy place to find, so I think you should get out there and take a look plus take a few photos!