Tokyo in Pics


A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal at Night 1

The Harumi Passenger Ship Terminal is one of the places I’ve been trying to get a decent photograph of for a very long time. Finally, after several years actually, I got one I’m happy with. In the terminal’s courtyard you’ll find a a pool that runs along the length of the northern wall. On the far right of the pool you’ll find this work of art and behind it, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay. They make for a good long-exposure, especially if you can get a few clouds in the sky. I missed out on the clouds, but I was fairly satisfied this time.

Actually, I got a better shot using a slightly different composition which you can see below. Unfortunately, it has some strange green area on the right side. What happened? I’ve got no idea, but it is fairly noticeable. You can decide which is best.

The terminal is a good place to shoot and over the next week or so, some more photographs will be placed on the blog. If you want to go there and take photos yourself, its website can be seen here.