Tokyo in Pics


A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

Tokyu Plaza Ginza's Sukiyabashi crossing - the vertical view

A helicopter might be the best way to view Tokyo from above, but hiring one of those will drain your wallet or purse, very fast. The next best thing is get to the top of a very high building, but many of those don’t allow you to look straight down. One of the ones that do, or almost do is, Tokyu Plaza Ginza.

If you go to its rooftop, which is on the 12th floor, you’ll find Kiriko Terrace which has tables and chairs, a kiosk and a performance space. Of course, it has windows too! In the north west corner you’ll find some that slant outwards. All you need to do is point your camera down and take the shot. It is easy.

Is it as good as Shibuya Crossing? Well, yes and no. Yes, in that your Tokyu Plaza Ginza picture will feel like it was taken from nearly vertically above. Magnet by Shibuya 109 is very good, but the perspective is a little different. And as for the no, well … Shibuya is Shibuya and that means the sheer number of people which pass under you can be amazing and that is something this place doesn’t have. So you have a choice to make, and as with many things in life, the decision is up to you. All I can say is, get both pictures if you can!