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A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

Tokyo Expressways 1 - the Nishi-Sando Exit

The Shuto Expressway is the system of toll expressways in Tokyo. Most of it is elevated or passes through tunnels. It can be a challenge to drive on for some as many parts of it have some sharp curves and/or multi-lane merges. One part, Route 4 passes through Shinjuku and is so known as the Shinjuku Route. This particular section of the road in the photograph below passes near Hatsudai Station, which is on the Keio New (train) Line. As you can see, it is big.

Just in case, you haven’t realised, the picture isn’t only about the expressway. As most parts of it are elevated, you’ll often find other major/local roads underneath, in this case Koshu-kaido. So, we don’t get to see any of the traffic on the expressway itself because it is all above the camera. I think the concrete and lights above, combined with the light trails below, make for a great scene. In my opinion, I didn’t quite nail the picture as I wanted, but I do like it. In retrospect, I think I probably should have tried to find another position for the camera. Oh well, better luck next time! Expect to see it again here at some point in the future.