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Is this Jack's beanstalk?

You might be thinking that the greenery growing up the side of this tower was inspired by the famous story of Jack the Beanstalk.  I’ve got no idea, but the building is named Shibuya Scramble Square and I think it is going to be awesome. Hopefully it will be one of the new buildings that will pull a lot of people to Shibuya.  It looks great!

This 230-meter skyscraper will be mixed use.  From B2 (i.e. the basement) to the 14th will be occupied by retail and restaurants.  From the 17th to 45th floors, will be all offices. I believe there will be some event floors scattered about as well.

The best thing though, if what I’ve read is correct, is that the 45th, 46th and 47th floors will all have observation decks.  Those 360’ views should be amazing. Apparently though, there is one catch. On the top floor, the 47th, you’ll be able to go outside, but the cost will be ¥2000.  I’ll definitely be one of those people who will willingly pass over their cash, no worries!

But the greenery growing up the side of the building intrigues me.  I can’t find any information about, but I’m guessing that one reason for is Tokyo building regulations.  A lot of buildings here have trees, grass and complete gardens on top these days.

I do like to think though that some architect got the inspiration for them from their childhood.  They look great and I’m sure no one, like Jack, will take an axe to them! And everyone, just like Jack, will want to go to the top and see what is there!