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Wadakura Fountain Park at night revisited

I haven’t been to Wadakura Fountain Park for a couple of years, since 2017 to be exact.  But since I bought my 10-24 mm wide lens in 2018 I had been wanting to shoot there again, to see what it could do for me, so I decided to go there again.  Unlike last time though, I avoided the summer heat being going there earlier in June.

My favourite shot of Wadakura Fountain Park

I think using the 10-24 was a good choice as I could capture a little more of the park in the frame with its wider field of view than my usual 16-55 mm, which I used last time.  Of course, it did cause some distortion, but I was able to correct most of it in post-processing.

At Wadakura, I like to shoot from the south-west corner of the park over the three main fountains that are in the big pool, with the skyscrapers visible behind the park’s restaurant and trees.  I think it is quite a dramatic shot especially when the water is shooting up high. And of course, it is best at night.

But, the smaller fountain, which is more like a waterfall with a clam shell waterjet, also looks great.  The problem with it is that you might end up close to the water and if you are using a wide angle lens, you might be really close and your glass might end up getting wet.

It was good to photograph there again.  This time there were hardly any people, just a few dancers who had finished their practice and decided to sit in a dark corner to chat, and smoke, which was sad to see.

If you ever go to Wadakura, please let me know by either telling me here down below, or if you use Instagram by using the hashtag #tokyoinpics.  I hope you enjoy my pictures here anyway!