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Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and a beautiful sky

On the Tokyo in Pics Facebook page, I put up a poll a few weeks ago asking members what they would like to see, Rainbow Bridge or Tokyo Tower. Rainbow Bridge won quite convincingly. Actually, it won by a huge majority. It took me a quite a while to get the picture done as I could never get the weather I wanted for it. But finally, it happened.

Maybe, I should have taken the picture earlier. In that case, the sun would have been visible above the tower at the far end of the bridge but as is often the case with photography, the timing can be difficult.

If you are wondering where I took the picture from, it was from Daiba Park which is located on one of the islands very close to the bridge. The island is a great place but it does get very dark there at night. Anyway, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know! And yes, I did manage to sneak in Tokyo Tower too!