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Lunch at Kurumaya Bekkan

Kurumaya Bekkan is one of my favourite restaurants. Located very near JR Shinjuku station, you can get a great lunch there for around ¥1000. Yes, a few things are well over that price but not many. Usually I go to the ground floor and get teppanyaki, but this for article I went to the second floor for something a little more a la carte.

One the second floor your can get a variety of dishes, from noodles through to tenpura and sashimi. I ordered the tenpura which, I thought, was extremely good. It came with rice, miso soup, pickles and hijiki (a kind of seaweed). The service was fast and friendly, so I had no complaints whatsoever. As usual, the meal came with tea which is always nice.

If you are after a reasonably priced lunch in Shinjuku, make sure you add Kurumaya Bekkan to your list. The dinner prices can be more expensive, but for lunch, this place is great. If you have been there please let me know your experience.