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Fast food from a machine

Right next to Nico Nico Park in Tokyo’s Minato ward, is a line of vending machine. There are the standard ones for drinks and ice creams, but it has a couple of not-so standard ones as well. Two caught my eye. One was for Nissin cup noodles and the other, much more interesting, was for an assortment of various fast foods: imagawayaki, takoyaki, yakionigiri (grilled rice balls), hot chips, a hamburger set and hotdogs.

The noodles were priced at ¥220 and the other hot foods was priced at ¥370 per item. I decided to try the hot chips. After putting in my money, we waited 90 seconds and a box popped out complete with a packet of salt inside. The chips, considering they were from a machine, weren’t too bad but not great. I think you’d be better finding convenience store for food, but at a pinch they’d do. And considering that the machines are next to a children’s fun park, many people might actually be thankful.

The box for the hot chips

The hot chips from the vending machine didn’t look too bad

The Nissin cup noodle machine