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It might be old, but it is still boss

The Imperial Palace used to be the home of Japan’s shoguns. Even today, what remains of it looks really impressive. The castle would have been a formidable place to assault. Big walls and huge moats would have combined to give any attacker pause. The amount of supplies that might have been placed inside, would have been staggering. Luckily it was never tested.

Today though, it still rules the area. The Marunouchi area is literally a stone’s throw away, but a lot of people still pass through there to visit the home of Japan’s emperor. Go there on any of the occasions the palace is open and it will be overflowing with people.

The tower in the picture above is Fujimi Keep, one of the castle’s old defensive positions. Unfortunately, the original keep (donjon) burnt down in the Fire of Meireki in 1657. From that time, the structure was used by the shoguns as an office until the Emperor took over the castle in 1867. Today, high up on that wall, the keep is still very impressive.