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Which one is it?

Shibuya is one of the trendy areas in Tokyo that is associated with youth. Lots of clothes shops, places to eat and drink. Lots of entertainment and fun things to do. In the middle of it is a street named that was originally named Center-Gai. Center-gai which was considered by some to be a wild, dirty and not really reputable. So, in an attempt to give it an image makeover the name Basketball-Gai, was adopted and a metal ball was placed at the Shibuya Crossing end of the street. I think the new name has never really caught on though.

In my experience, the old name seems to be way more popular. And from all the checking I’ve done on the internet, the older seems way more popular. Is Basketball-gai still Center-gai? Does anyone know the truth? Am I missing something here? Anyone care to add to the conversation? Which name do you prefer?