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Last man standing

As you probably know, Japan celebrated its 2019 cherry blossom season recently. It’s something that happens every year and as you also probably know, we are told about it non-stop for entire duration. Japan is completely in love with this delightful flower and we aren’t allowed to forget it. Apparently it is the most beautiful flower on the planet. There is no one who dislikes it and we’ve heard reports that anyone who does is labelled an enemy of humanity. But luckily everyone does, so we are all safe.

The thing is this though, the season has finished. It is completely over. Luckily, or unluckily, depending on who you are, several cherry trees are holding a rearguard action. They refuse to give in. I found these flowers at the Wadakura Fountain Park which is near the Imperial Palace and they refuse to give. How long can they last, these last men standing? We wish them well!