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Atago Green Hills

While I was out photographing Tokyo Tower for an article and moving between positions, I crossed a road I and noticed Atago Green Hills not too far away.  I’ve always admired the building, so I made a slight detour to take a few quick pictures. When I got home, I found out something very interesting. Both it, and the building behind are part of the same complex.  That was something I didn’t know. And I also found out I had the name wrong too!


The building which is the subject of the photograph is actually named, Mori Tower.  And the building behind it, on the right, is Forest Tower, containing 354 apartments.  Both buildings were constructed by Mori Building and together with the first building form the Atago Green Hills.  I get it now! Time was pressing so I wasn’t able to do a complete set of photographs, so that is another thing I put on my list of things to do in the very near future.  In the meantime I hope you enjoy this long exposure photograph!