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A Roof with a View - and why I love it

One of the things I love about Tokyo is the skyline.  The city has so many major stations that any cityscape lover will feel right at home.  For me though, the best one belongs to Shinjuku. It is extremely very beautiful and has been a big part of my life for a very long time.  Since moving to my apartment in Suginami ward near Takaido station, I have had an uninterrupted view of it from my roof. With such an incredible view only a short elevator ride away, I consider myself very lucky.  

The Shinjuku skyline on a cloudy day

One fact that has always surprised me about the buildings in Shinjuku though, and actually all of Tokyo, is that none of them are in the Top 100 World’s Tallest Building list.  I knew Tokyo had none in the Top 20, but none in the Top 100? Well, I guess it comes from being in an earthquake zone ...

The tallest building in Shinjuku, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is 243 meters high.  No other skyscraper in the area even reaches 240 meters. On the world stage they aren’t tall buildings, but when you consider everything else around them is much, much smaller.  Even at those heights they can easily be seen from my apartment in Suginami.

The Shinjuku skyline in the early evening

There are taller buildings in Shibuya, which is four kilometers to the south, and Ikebukuro which is about five kilometers to the north.   The important thing is that those buildings aren’t between me and Shinjuku. which makes me a very lucky man.

If I go up to the roof of my building, eleven storeys up I can get a near perfect view.  I can easily see buildings such as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Mode Gakuen Cocoon Building, Opera City, Shinjuku I-Land Tower and lots more.  And in the background you can even see Tokyo Skytree and a little to the right you can also see Tokyo Tower. The view of so many iconic and historic buildings all together and in such a small area blows me away every time.

And the Shinjuku Skyline in the very early morning

The view is absolutely brilliant.  Whether it be in the morning, afternoon or night.  It is always beautiful and for me to have such a scene only an elevator ride away, I will always consider myself very lucky.