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Great places to shoot in Tokyo - Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building was the tallest building in the city for about fifteen years.  It has been overtaken by other taller structures, but with its twin towers, it is still an iconic piece of architecture.  For many years it has been a favourite of mine, both to take photographs from and to take photographs of.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

It’s an enormous building at 242.9 metres in height (to the roof) which can make it problematic to shoot from up close.  The simplest way to shoot the front of the building is from the Tomin Hiroba (Citizen’s Plaza) which lies over the road, in front of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Building.

However, due to the building’s enormous bulk and the plaza not being that big, it can be difficult to get the entirety of it in your shot if you aren’t using a very wide angle lens.  So what I suggest is to actually lie down on your back in the plaza area, to get yourself as low to the ground as possible. By doing this you’ll be able to get a little more in your shot.

When I took this particular shot, I was a little lost about whether it should be in colour or black and white.  Eventually I settled with the latter, as it seems more suited to architecture and it definitely make things more dramatic.  And to be honest, that is what I wanted as the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is big, it’s enormous and it is responsible for governing one of the world’s largest cities so it bears huge responsibilities.  Colour did not convey the drama I was looking for. The drama was to be found in black and white.

In the future, I’ll be posting more articles about this building.  I took this picture one morning but dawn and sunset shots also look great, so expect those shots to be here one day too.  If you want to see another article about this building and its observation decks, you should click this link here.

You can see the location of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building here:

Gear for this shot:

Camera - Fujifilm X-T2

Lens - Fujifilm XF 10 - 24 mm f/4.0 R OIS Lens