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Great places to shoot in Tokyo - Tokyo International Forum

Tokyo has a lot of buildings that are, architecturally speaking, incredible.  And another them lies just over the road from Yurakucho Station. It is Tokyo International Forum that was designed by Rafael Vinoly.  The multi-purpose exhibition centre was opened in 1997 and draws many photographers. That isn’t surprising as this enormous, glass and steel, ship-like buildings is very appealing.

The interior of Tokyo International Forum

The enormous building, which is made of glass and steel looks rather like a ship.  It has lots of space, is well-lit by natural light during the day and is ringed by a walkway that winds its way to the upper floors, so there are plenty of places from which to take photographs.  There are even a few bridges available . In my case, I thought the best places to shoot from with a wide angle lens would be, of course, from either end of the building, so my shots would get the whole length of the structure.

I thought it was going to be easy, however, it didn’t work out like that.  As I walked around I noticed that in a couple of places there are a beams, desks and some awkward spaces  that can get in the way of the perfect shot, quite inconveniently I might add! You might need to deal with those things in post-processing if you are after the perfect picture.  In my case, the picture I used for this article, I only needed to crop slightly and didn’t need to resort to any clone stamping, spot healing etc, however I can understand why some people might need to.

For lenses, you have lots of options.  Generally speaking, I think most people will use a wide angle in order to capture the expanse of the building’s interiors.  However, something longer could be used if you wanted to focus on one particular subject for more detailed shots.

It’s a lovely piece of architecture that I previously photographed rather roughly in  black and white. You can see that article here. The more I look at those older photos, and even my newer photos, I realise the road ahead of me on my photographic journey is still very long. Tokyo International Forum’s website can be seen here.

Equipment for this shot:

Camera - Fujifilm X-T2

Lens - Fufjilm XF 10-24 mm f 4 R OIS