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Kirin Aki Aji - a short beer review

Kirin’s Aki Aji might be translated as, “A taste of autumn”, in my opinion.  So, as you can guess it was made for the cooler month. The beautiful can caught my eye at my local Ozeki supermarket and I purchased one for ¥255.  Honestly, I think the can is one of the most beautiful beer cans ever designed, maybe even better than Asahi’s Clear Sakura Banquet. I headed home with high expectations.

Kirin's Aki Aji

Pouring it into a glass, I found it had a good head, that didn’t fade too quickly,  with a strong golden colour. The aroma was a little fruity and slightly sweet. Unfortunately, the taste didn’t live up to the promise of the can.  It was very light-bodied but with a fairly weak, somewhat metallic taste with a touch of bitterness. Not a bad beer, far from it, but it didn’t rate highly enough to be on my list of all-time great beer list

The design on that can though, is one for collector’s I think.  Aki Aji is widely available in Tokyo and the price seems to range from about 255 to 275 yen for a 500-millilitre can.  You can see Kirin’s website here.