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Eriko Shiratori - making tailor made tours for you in Tokyo

Eriko Shiratori is a professional tour guide.  Originally working in hotels she changed her profession some years ago and enjoys helping people understand her country of Japan.  She can take you anywhere in Tokyo and give you a fully-customised tour that will be one of a kind. Everything she does will be tailored for you.  And that is name of her website, Eriko’s Tailor Made Tours.  I think you’d enjoy them a lot.

When she guides you, she won’t only be showing you, she’ll be teaching you something.  I think for Eriko, one of the most important reasons for being a tour guide is to teach the local culture, not just show it.  If there is no understanding of why a people do certain things, to only see their culture is only half the experience.

In the pictures here, I think you’ve already noticed she is wearing a kimono.  Her grandfather was a kimono and maker and this was his creation. Many of the kimonos she wears on her tours were his.  They are something is very proud of, and rightly so as they are all beautiful. So, if you book her for a tour that is what she’ll be wearing, unless she takes you to a place like the Tsukiji fish markets where there is a lot of water flying around!

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Eriko for my podcast, This is Tokyo, and I also had the enjoyed photographing her for this blog article.  Both were tremendous experiences. In the podcast we talked a lot about her work and why she became a guide.  You can listen to it here (and you can also find it on iTunes). She is a great speaker and I think you will enjoy what she has to say.  And one day, I hope you will be able to experience one of her tours.

She has her own website, Eriko’s Tailor Made Tours, that you can see here.

Her Instagram account can be seen here.