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Knights in White Lycra - making a difference

The Knights in White Lycra (KIWL) started as a bunch of British guys in a Tokyo pub who enjoyed drinking but needed a way to combat their growing waistlines.  After some thought they hit upon the idea of buying some bicycles and also thought they could give something back to their communities. In 2013, they rode 330 kms to Minamisoma, one of the areas badly affected by the 2011 earthquake/tsunami, and in the process raised ¥2.7 million for those in temporary accommodation there.  That trip inspired them to do another, and then another. And they have just kept doing it.

The Knights in White Lycra

KIWL has raised over ¥44 million to support the various projects it supports in Japan.  People of any background, age and ability are welcome to join. The only thing you need is a desire to get fit and give back.

And that is what Rob Williams joined me on my podcast to talk about.  He talked about KIWL’sr history, the whys, the wheres, the whos, the hows and the future.  As I’m an ex-Lions and Leos member I spent many years in Australia involved with charity and fundraising work, I greatly enjoyed listening to him.

I hope you also enjoy the podcast.  If you want to learn more about KIWL you can follow the links below:

Official website --->

Facebook page →

Twitter ---> @KWIL6