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Cherry Blossoms on the Kanda River - 2018

Another year and another visit to the Kanda River.  Once again, I couldn’t get up as early as I wanted, but still I got up early enough.  Luckily the river is only a few hundred meters from where I live.  This is river is definitely one of the best reasons to be living in Takaido in spring, if not the best reason.  The Kanda River thanks to the cherry blossoms, in my opinion, is absolute magic.

Taken from the bridge on Kanpachi-dori

With Inokashira Park as its source, the Kanda River runs for twenty-four kilometers - through Nakano, Takadanobaba, Ochanomizu then down to Akihabara and finally flowing joining up with the the Sumida river and out into Tokyo Bay.    At times I wonder if it is really a river or a canal, as from what I’ve seen, its entire length seems to be concrete except from where it comes out of Inokashira pond.  One year I’m intending to walk its entire length and I’ll then be able to find out the truth.

This shot was taken just at the back of Hamadayama

The area near Takaido station is a great place to enjoy the cherry blossoms.  It really is one of Tokyo’s little jewels.  From the platforms at the train station you can see the trees and it is only a two-minute walk to them.  And it’s amazing to think such a place exists with one of Tokyo’s busiest roads passing right by it.  I honestly think it is fantastic.

The Kanda River is a great place to enjoy a morning walk during the cherry blossom season

First it is local, so no crowds like at the more famous places.  Another reason why I like this area so much is that there are numerous small bridges crossing the river at fairly regular intervals.  Get on one of the bridges and you’ll have a good view along it.  And of course, they are great platforms for photography.

On the paths there is always someone having a run, walking their dog or making their way back from either shopping or work type-of-place.  It’s never gets too crowded.  At times I think I’d like to live in other places, but I’m probably too firmly attached to Takaido now to move away especially with these cherry blossoms so close.

One of the many bridges over the Kanda River

For 2018, I made it down to Hamadayama, which is the next station along the Keio-Inokashira line.  I really wish I could have gone further, but if I had, then it would have been a little and then a little more.  Eventually I might even have found myself near Meidaimae or even further.  So, I called it a morning and headed home.

If you are tired of doing hanami at all the crowded spots, a quite walk along the Kanda River might be for you.  Hopefully you’ll like it, and if you do, please let me know.  In the event of you not, liking it, please let me know that too!  Comment are always welcome, and you can leave them at the down the bottom in the space provided.