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AnimeJapan 2018

Once again, another year and another AnimeJapan.  I still don’t know much about anime, but I had an absolute blast this year.  As always it was held at Tokyo Big Sight which is in Odaiba.  Going there and taking pictures is just so much fun with all the models (both real and plastic), robots, dolls and cosplayers.  This year though, thanks to the cosplayers especially, I really had a good time.

Space Battleship Yamato - the famous ship from the animation series

AnimeJapan 2018 was busy, really busy.  When we find out the official attendance numbers I wouldn’t be surprised if it saw a record attendance, it was that crowded.  Everywhere was packed with people.  I have to say that the appearance of one company there did surprise me, it was Netflix.  Actually, in hindsight, it shouldn’t have surprised me as it is a entertainment company that streams video-on-demand and of course animation is a major part of that, especially in Japan.

One of the girls who love swordplay at AnimeJapan 2018

Space Battleship Yamato was there was again, and it is an amazing model.  Out of all the models at Animation Japan, this is the one that pulls me the most.  It is without doubt the coolest looking model there, in my opinion anyway.

AnimeJapan 2018 - people, people, people

This year though, I didn’t spend a lot of time indoors.  Most of my time was spent outdoors with the cosplayers.  It was enormous fun.  All of them were exceptionally kind and kept posing for anyone with a camera for hours and hours.  I really appreciated their efforts.  I think it would be fair to say that most cosplayers there were girls, not that many males were seen.

A cosplayer manning one of the booths at AnimeJapan 2018

I wish I had time during the event to ask the girls about their outfits, but as there were so many people waiting to take photos too, it was impossible.  However, I can say that the outfits were really varied.  Some of them were fighting characters, some were schoolgirls, a few friendly witches, a couple of princesses, and there was even a hybrid human/animal.  They were all very, very cool.  Whatever they were they were a really kind bunch of people.  All of them were fun, willing to engage in conversation and very accommodating to reasonable requests.

AnimeJapan is held only once a year, but it is a really good place to get in contact with and photograph some tremendously good cosplayers.  Still, there is always next year to look forward to.  You can see its website here.