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History does repeat - misadventures at Yushima Tenjin

They say history repeats.  I don’t know who, “they”, are but I do believe that history repeats.  A couple of years ago I went somewhere to see one of Tokyo’s many flower festivals only to find out that upon arrival at my destination, the flowers hadn’t even begun to bloom due to a cold snap.  At that time, I thought that in future, I’d ring all places I planned to visit to see if everything was in peak condition.  And until today it was something I had done.  Well, this time (and maybe one or two others if the truth be known) for some reason, I didn’t bother.  Brain meltdown?  Probably right.

The gate to Yushima Tenjin and not a plum blossom in sight

A few flowers at the shrine looked good, but not many

So, while Yushima Tenjin was looking pretty good under some beautifully blue skies, the same couldn’t be said for the trees.  Around the shrine and garden, there was hardly anything in bloom, but in other places they looked good.  Lots of people there, most with cameras but with nothing to shoot.  It was a glum scene.  Nothing looks more pitiful than a photographer, camera in hand, with nothing to photograph.  Lots of sad faces.

Some plum blossoms in bloom and some not even close

What did I do?  I did the only thing I could under the circumstance and left.  Racking my head, I looked for another place to go and walked to Nezu shrine, which is another place I've been meaning to visit for some time to get information for an upcoming article.  That did turn out quite well and it should be on the website in the very near future.

In another week, this will should be looking really good

What did I learn from today?  I learned that past lessons shouldn’t not be forgotten.  Next time I’ll be making that simple phone call to see if everything is ok.  Anyway, I think the plum blossoms will be ready next week.  I really do.  That is a call I am comfortable with making.  Next week will be THE day, provided no meteorological disasters happen.  At the moment, I’m planning to go there Wednesday morning (January 21), so if you come back then I should have some better pictures for you.  I hope I don’t forgot to ring before I go though …

Bonsai plum blossoms?

Yushima Tenjin - a great looking shrine

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