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Clear Asahi Sakura Banquet – a short beer review

A new limited-time only beer from Asahi, is “Sakura no Utage” which could be translated as, “Sakura Banquet”.  With a name like that I think you can guess it will only be available for spring.  It’s a happoshu, which means it is less than 67% malt content and comes in a great looking can.  Covered in cherry blossom leaves, this beer is obviously targeted at spring.  It surely will have to get an award for that design, it’s beautiful.  Personally, I think it is the best-looking beer can I’ve ever seen.

Asahi has given its Clear Banquet a great design

Out of the can the head was quite good, fairly strong and didn’t fade straight away as some recent products I’ve tried.  The beer is a nice golden colour with a slightly fruity aroma.  And the taste?  Light and refreshing.  I found it to be ever so slightly bitter but like a soft drink, very easy to drink, though less fizzy.  Tastewise, it isn’t anything amazing, very acceptable.  “Sakura Banquet” is the type of beer you’d enjoy drinking at your hanami (cherry blossom viewing parties).

A lot of beer connoisseurs might not give this beer very high marks, but considering it can be picked up for only ¥159 for a 500 ml, at my local supermarket that sounds like a bargain to me. There are also 350-millilitre can and bottle versions too (but I haven’t see the bottle one yet).  All things considered, with the great-looking can, price and taste, I think it is going to be a very popular beer for hanami (cherry blossom) parties.  You can see the Asahi website here.