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Kirin Platinum Double – a short beer review

I don’t know why, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Kirin beers.  Why? No idea, maybe I’ve just drunk enough of them?  But, the other day, I was in my local supermarket and finally noticed their “Platinum Double” in a very cool-looking can.  I decided to buy a couple.  Unfortunately, I didn’t pick a winner.

Kirin's Platinum Double

Straight out of the can, the beer had a straw-coloured body with a very weak head, that disappeared in seconds.  Not a good start.  The aroma?  I found it slightly fruity, apple-like. Tastewise, I found it very weak and slightly bitter, so not a lot going for it.  It was definitely lacking flavor and body.

The good thing about this beer is that it purine-free, so if you are suffering from gout, that might be a good reason to buy it - I’m not, so I’ll probably pass on it next time.  If you are like me and looking for something that offers a more tasteful experience, I’d recommend you purchase another beer instead of Platinum Double.  You can see Kirin’s website here.

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