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A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

Views of Tokyo - from Yebisu Garden Place Tower

In mid-December 2018 I had a couple of hours free so I walked around Ebisu Station.  While walking I thought I hadn’t been to Yebisu Garden Place Tower for a while, so I headed over to its observation floor.  It’s not the kind of place I’d call a real observatory as most of the upper floor spaces are occupied by restaurants and bars and it certainly doesn’t offer a 360̇ view.  However, on the 38th and 39th floor there are several windows that offer some excellent views of Tokyo.

The 38th floor is definitely the best, as it has an extra set of windows that look out towards the east where Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills and the rest of Minato Ward lie.  The view is absolutely brilliant, especially in the late afternoon.

To the north you’ll find Shibuya, which is closest, and slightly further away is Shinjuku.

If I had to say one thing about these windows, it is that the sills are quite low as well as being quite wide, so you’ll often find people sitting on them enjoying the view and a having very long chats.  It can be very annoying as they don’t seem to realise that the space is public and other people would like to enjoy the view, or even take pictures, too.

Looking west at sunset, nothing but suburban Tokyo and Mt. Fuji behind the clouds to the right.

From the north windows, you can see Shibuya and Shinjuku, filled with skyscrapers.  To the west lies the rest of suburban Tokyo, very few skyscrapers and mountains in the distance.  On a good day you can see Mount Fuji, but for these photos I wasn’t in luck as it was covered in clouds.

This is basically the top photo but taken thirty minutes earlier.

If you are after a free view of Tokyo and in the Ebisu area, head up to the Tower’s 38th floor as the views are very nice.  And on top of that the restaurants there are very good, which I can say from personal experience. You can see Yebisu Garden Place’s (the shopping complex just below) website here.