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Tokyo in Black and White - Marunouchi

Recently I haven’t done as much photography as I wanted to.  My new job takes up an enormous amount of my time and often leaves me exhausted, so shooting after work is often difficult.  And on top of that over the last few weeks the weather hasn’t been great either. But, even with a wet morning, I decided to go out as soon as there was a break in the clouds, to Marunouchi.

From the Shin-Marunouchi Building - Tokyo Station and the KITTE Building

The area is extremely easy to get to as it is just outside Tokyo Station, so lots of train and subway lines go there (like the Yamanote and Marunouchi).  Leave the station via one of the Marunouchi exits and you’ll be there. Walk another few hundred meters away and you’ll find yourself in front of the Imperial Palace.  It’s an interesting place.

The Shin-Marunouchi Building

Mostly a business area, with many large corporations having their headquarters there a lot of the land is owned by Mitsubishi.  Of course, you’ll find many of their companies are located there too. The shopping can also be very good, but you might need a deep wallet for some of the shops!

I love Marunouchi, but it does lack one thing - inspiring architecture.  Don’t get wrong, as really love walking the area, but it lacks something really grand.  Yes, it does have Tokyo Station and Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum, but they are definitely on the shorter and definitely older side of the spectrum.  At this point in time, there are no modern iconic structures there yet. If a rumoured 400-meter skyscraper actually gets put up, then things will change.  

My favourite view of the Marunouchi area

Autumn in Marnouchi

There is one place I there that I visit every time I go though.  If you step out onto the viewing balcony of the KITTE Building, you’ll see Tokyo Station on one side, the KITTE Building on another, the Shin-Marunouchi on another and the Nippon Life Insurance Building directly opposite.  It is a huge plaza area that looks incredible. Very worthy of a photo or two.

From the KITTE Building - looking over Tokyo Station

Unfortunately for this article, I really didn’t have that much time to shoot about, less than two hours once I got there.  And you have to remember that with so many buildings to block the winter sun, light faded very quickly. I enjoyed my time there though as a I got to see a few things I hadn’t seen before.

A long time ago the Emperor drove down this road to Tokyo Station to get his train

When I shot the pictures for this article it was in December, so I was also able to see the Christmas decorations in the shops.  To be honest though, I’ve lost all interest in shooting this event in Japan. Having said that though, the trees that I saw, at the KITTE and Shin-Marunouchi buildings did look good.

Christmas in Marunouchi 2018

Hopefully the weather will get better over the next few weeks or so as we get deeper into winter.  If you have any requests for places you’d like to see in Tokyo, please let me know by leaving a message below.

Just for fun

Gear used for these pictures:

Camera - Fujifilm X-T2

Lenses - Fujifilm XF 10 - 24 mm f/4.0 R OIS Lens

 Fujifilm XF 16 - 55 mm f/2.8 R LM WR Lens