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One of the Greatest Pleasures in My Life

For those who haven’t read any other articles on Tokyo in Pics you mightn’t anything about me, so I will tell you that I live in Tokyo’s Suginami ward, near Takaido station.  My apartment, which I purchased in 2010, is on the third floor and was constructed in the 1970s. Yes, it is a quite old but it is in a good location, just a ten-minute walk to the station and from there only about twenty minutes to Shinjuku or Shibuya.  And as a bonus it has three superintendents who take great care of the building. The best thing about it, is the roof. From there I have a great view of Mt. Fuji!

Mount Fuji seen from Suginami ward in Tokyo in autumn 2018

Yes, I know I wrote another article about my rooftop not so long ago.  In that story, I only wrote about the view of the Shinjuku side. In retrospect it was probably remiss of me not to include Mt, Fuji, but at the time the article still made sense to me.  It’s time to fix that mistake.

The wider shot of Mt. Fuji seen from my roof. There are practically no obstacles in the way

When the mood is upon me I like to go up the roof, eleven storeys up, and gaze at the mountain, from behind the suicide fence.  Yes, we have such a fence. For many people, it’s probably a little known fact that Suginami has very few tall buildings in it, but mine, at elven storeys was the tallest some years ago.  Tall buildings can be attractive for people wishing to end their lives unfortunately. One of the more morbid facts about Tokyo I guess.

The view from behind that fence is amazing though.  Looking through the bars you have a practically uninterrupted view of Fuji.  A few antennas here and there rise up over the horizon, but nothing else. I absolutely love it, fence and all.  In the morning Mt. Fuji is truly majestic. Looking upon it on a cloudless, cool morning is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

The only problem is that is is difficult to do a long exposure shot as the fence poses a real problem for the use of filters.  One day I hope to find a solution to that problem and then I think I could post some pretty amazing pictures. Until then I hope the pictures here, taken in the early morning, just after sunrise, will do.  If you would like me to put up a gallery of Mt. Fuji shots taken from around the city, please let me know.