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Chrysanthemums at Yushima Tenjin - 2018

Every year Tokyo puts on a lot of great chrysanthemum exhibits, and my favourite is usually the one at Shinjuku Gyoen.  However, in 2018 I discovered a new favourite, Yushima Tenjin. Yushima Tenjin is one of the city’s most famous shrines and is known as a great place for plum blossoms, but now I have found another reason to visit it.  The flowers on display there in November are superb.

Yushima Tenjin covered in some chrysanthemums

I thought the exhibit was great.  There were so many flowers around the shrine, on the shrine and in almost every space around it.  Everywhere was covered in chrysanthemums of all types. The place looked amazing. There was only one place where they weren’t was in the area that is for the plum blossoms.  

My favourite chrysanthemum display at Yushima Tenjin?  I really don’t know as so many of the flowers were beautifully displayed.  The one, scene, if I may call it that was of some flowers strung out on the side of a walkway with the top of the Gongen-zukuri style roof visible over the top.  That for me, was the best.

For my pictures on the day, everything was shot with the Fujifilm 16-55 mm lens.  The results from it were pretty good, nothing I can complain about. I wanted to try some other lenses, but I thought that as I was new to the place and was shooting pictures to put in this article, I needed my trusted and true workhouse.

If I had to say one negative thing about the display, is that the shrine is basically located in the middle of a concrete block of land.  I don’t think any dirt existed under the flowers. The plum blossoms have it all of course. Lucky buggers. Minor gripe I know. Call me picky.  I won’t mind.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the section below as I’d love to hear from you.  And, of course, if you visited the park in 2018 to see the chrysanthemums I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can see Yushima Tenjin’s website here and you can see my article about the shrine here.