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‘Twas the Night before Halloween 2018

Once again, October 30 rolled around and that meant, Halloween Eve?  I really doubt Halloween Eve is a real word. I’ve never heard it at all, so I’m pretty sure it’s something I’ve just invented.  But Shibuya knows it. Shibuya is really serious about it and loves it. For about a week the streets of the famous crossing are flooded with people walking around in some amazing outfits having a great time.  

Venom in Shibuya

Shibuya Crossing - the crowd advances!

Looks like someone was busy with his axe

So, I visited it with my camera to get some pictures.  For the first time I saw Venom, who was very cool, probably my favourite of the night.  There were also a pair of chickens who were campaigning against karaage (fried chicken) which made me cluck.  Of course, there were the usual favourites: undead nurses, escaped convicts, nuns, Marios, Wally’s and brides (both alive and not so).  Another couple of new ones, or at least ones I’ve never seen before were some kyonshis (a type of zombie that originated in China) and a wolf with a machine gun, who said he was looking for a girl in a red outfit so he could settle some old score.

Chickens against karaage (fried chicken)

A wolf out to settle an old score

If you ever visit the event you need to pay attention to the crowd.  Where would you have to go in the world to find a bigger one? The area in front of the station is crowded, Shibuya Crossing is crowded, but the most crowded area of all is Center Gai.  Center Gai is a very narrow street, and with so many people in it you nearly need to push your way through to get to the other end.

The cutest and coolest cats I ever met

Moving into Center Gai

Crowds aside, it was a really good, fun night.  I don’t know what it is about Halloween, but it makes people in Shibuya turn into the friendliest people on the planet.  During the night, everyone accepted requests for photographs with smiles and not once was I refused. Full marks to a great crowd.

The Halloween crowd in Center Gai

A girl out for a good time and doing a good deed at the same time - picking up everyone’s rubbish

And let’s not forget that it was only a prequel to the big night, October 31!  That should be an even much bigger event! I’ll be visiting that as well, so please come back to see more pictures.