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Pretty in Pink - the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

I was in Shinjuku photographing a few different places when I decided to head over to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to see if it had any special lights on, as it does occasionally.  It was lucky I went, because it did! The reason for it was that every year, to support the Pink Ribbon Campaign for breast cancer awareness.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building illuminated in pink for the Pink Ribbon Campaign

This was actually my first time to see the building bathed in this colour and I thought it looked really great, especially since it was for a good cause.  While I was there, there quite a few other photographer’s taking advantage of a good night shot.

According to the Japan Cancer Society’s website, one in two Japanese will develop cancer in the lifetime and breast cancer is one of the forms of the disease they would like eradicate.  Other buildings in Tokyo, and throughout Japan are also lighting up to assist the campaign. If you want to see the Society’s website, click this link here.  If you want to see a pink Tocho (as the building is commonly known) you have until October 12 and the lights stay on until 11 PM!