Tokyo in Pics


A photography blog about Tokyo, run by Australian photographer Rohan Gillett

Snow in Tokyo

Not since 2014 has Tokyo had snow like this.  More than 20 centimeters fell, and it caused havoc.  For many people wanting to get home, including me, it was a nightmare.  Buses, trains and cars – everything was affected.  Even walking home was a trial.  In a metropolis the size of Tokyo, snow is never good.  I think the only people who enjoy it are kids or those with a day off.

Tokyo covered in snow

In my case, I absolutely dread snow.  In past years I fell over a few times, and while I’ve never broken any bones, it did leave me with some bad bruises, so now I walk at a snail’s pace when the ice starts to form on the sidewalk.  And then, when it starts to melt, there is the walk through the slush.  In short, your endurance will be tested for a few days.

But while it is falling, all transport is interrupted, cars get stuck on bridges (spare a thought for those people); buses and trains will run intermittently at best, and if you are really unlucky they might stop completely on some lines.  Station to station it usually takes me an hour to get home, but last night it took two.

It does look pretty though.  This morning I got up and headed to my rooftop and almost ended up skating over the ice.  The sky was blue and the houses in Suginami were all covered in white, a perfect winter scene.  Next time when it falls I should get properly dressed and head out into it to get some better pictures.

Now though, I once dreading going to work in the afternoon.  The snow will be gone, but there will be the ice to navigate which is something I’m not looking to.  Hopefully we won’t get such a large amount of snow dumped on us again for at least four more years.