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Tokyo Craft Pale Ale - my favourite beer

At the moment, my absolute favourite beer in the world is Tokyo Craft Pale Ale by Suntory and it is brewed in Musashino City, Tokyo!  When I looked at reviews of this beer on the net, it didn’t seem to be highly regarded, but I found it the opposite.  I think it is absolutely fantastic and it comes in a very attractive can.  The can is a very nice blue colour and holds 350 ml of beer and sells for about ¥250 at my local supermarket.  Until I find something better, I’ll be sticking with this one.

Tokyo Craft Pale Ale - brewed in Tokyo by Suntory

The beer, which was released earlier this year, is 5% alcohol and in the glass, it looks great - a strong orange colour, though the head is slightly lacking, not really foamy.  Pale Ale is quite a light beer, slightly bitter, with a certain citrus/fruity taste and a fruity aroma to it, but not quite as much as Yona Yona, which I reviewed recently.  Some people have commented that the taste is too light for them, but I certainly don’t mind.

If you’ve tried Suntory Craft Pale Ale, please let me know what you think of it. And for those that haven’t tried it, you should because it is very nice AND it is brewed right here in Tokyo!  The website for Suntory can be seen here.