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Coffee in your Cola?

I went to one of my local supermarkets recently to buy some stuff for a DIY photography project and saw something that grabbed my interest.  While on my way inside my eyes noticed a slightly different looking can of drink in one of the vending machines.  It was Coca-Cola, but the red wasn’t quite as bright as it usually was AND it also had “Coffee Plus” printed on it.  That looked very interesting I thought, especially as there was a notice on the machine saying it was available in Japan for a limited time only at vending machine.  So, in went my 260 yen for two cans.

Coca-Cola Coffee Plus - notice the difference in the colour of the can

The new drink has only half the calories of ordinary Coca-Cola but it has 50% more caffeine due to the coffee mixed with it!  Poured into a glass, it doesn’t look any different to what it usually does nor does the smell.  I thought it smelled exactly a glass of Coca-Cola, no different.  Definitely, no coffee smell for me.  So, the next step was to drink it.

First sip, it tasted like Coca-Cola, no different.  Then the after-taste hit.  Yep, there was definitely coffee in this drink.  I thought it was quite nice and would quite happily buy it again.  No mistake, I will be buying it again!  No chance of it replacing my morning cup of coffee, but something in the afternoon, it’ll be on my menu.

I think the colour of Coca-Cola Coffee Plus looks exactly like regular Coca-Cola does

Anyway, I’m not sure how long this drink will be on sale for, but I guess it won’t be around forever so if you are in Tokyo and want to try you better start looking for a vending machine that has it.  And if you've tried it, please let me know what you thought of it!