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Wadakura Fountain Park at night

A few weeks ago I went to Wadakura Fountain Park near the Imperial Palace to photograph the fountains.  I was quite happy with the pictures and at that time I thought I would go back there some day and photograph it at night.  Well, I didn’t think I’d be getting back so soon, but I made the effort and did a night shoot there.  The results, I thought, were pretty good.

The fountains are on as well as the lights of the Marunouchi skyscrapers behind

As I went there at night I thought it would be empty, but a few people there, especially during and just after sunset.  Some took photos, some just sat and enjoyed the view and a there were some couples who had taken over the dark corner spots and doing whatever couples do in romantic spots.

It's sunset and looking towards the direction of the Imperial Palace

Wadakura does have one problem.  Only the main fountains, the ones in the middle, seem to be lit, the fountains and waterfall on the side of the park aren’t.  So, if you go there to shoot the waterfall at night, you might well end up being disappointed as it is pretty dark.  Maybe I’ll go again just to check at some point in the future.

The main fountains are very pretty when the lights in the pool and those in the skyscrapers behind in Marunouchi come on – very picturesque.  It’s just a pity that there were no lights on the waterfall, that would have been magic.

I think that for photography there are no special problems.  Focusing on the fountains is easy as there is enough light coming from the pool.  As for interesting photographs, I think shooting over the fountains towards the palace after the sun has gone down is not a great idea as there is nothing in the background.

Not much light for the smaller fountains and their waterfall

And as for which is better, day or night?  I really don’t know as they are both great, but the night definitely does offer a bit more colour if the weather is right.  Each to his/her own as always I guess.

The only thing you have to remember is that the main fountains come on only twice an hour, about ten minutes past the hour, and then thirty minutes later.  If you want to see what the area looks like in daylight, click here to see my earlier article about it.  The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for Wadakura and if you want to see its website click here.