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Children's Day in Tokyo 2017

Children's Day is an annual Japanese national holiday which takes place May 5, which was today, so I headed out with my camera to three locations to see what I could find.  The places I chose, in advance, were Tokyo Midtown, Tokyo Tower and Zojoji.  I knew something was definitely going to happen at the first two places but I wasn’t sure about the last.  Anyway, it was a great day as the weather was perfect.  And as the day was a part of Golden Week, the crowds were out in force!

Walking along the garden path at Tokyo Midtown with the carp

Tokyo Midtown and Tokyo Tower celebrated the day quite differently to each other.  Tokyo Tower had all its carp above the front entrance, rows and rows of them, that was it.  I thought it was pretty effective considering the tower has really limited space to work with.  Tokyo Midtown put up 100 carp along the garden path’s as well as having a giant carp about 50 meters long that you could walk through, which kids seemed to love.  All I could see at Zojoji was only one flag pole from which only a few carp were strung.

At Tokyo Tower to see its Children's Day celebrations for 2017

If I had the choose between them as to which was best, I’d pick Tokyo Midtown.  It was just great to see so many people there out on the lawn, sitting, drinking and talking.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Earlier I mentioned Golden Week.  If you don’t know about it, it is just a series of public holidays, April 29 and then follow by May 3,4 and 5.  In some years, if the timing is right, the twenty-ninth will be a on a Friday and May third will be on the Monday, which will make for nearly a whole week off for many people in Japan.  Unfortunately, 2017 was not one of those years.

You can find out more about Children’s Day in Japan if you read this article on Wikipedia here.  For those want to learn more about Tokyo Midtown you can see its website here, Tokyo Tower’s here and you can read about Zojoji on Tokyo in Pics here.