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Tokyo at Night - Omotesando

Last night, as I had no work, I decided to take a walk along Omotesando, the main road that goes through Harajuku.  As I’m a teacher I very rarely get weekday nights off so it was good to do stuff regular people do, like taking a walk at night and doing window shopping.  Nothing special but very enjoyable.

An amazing light-filled building in Harajuku is that of Dior

Harajuku is always a good place to walk during the day, but at night it is, of course, very different.  For example, the Dior building, Apple, HM and Prada for example are just amazing pieces of architecture but when the lights go on they go to another level.  

Boss by Hugo Boss in Harajuku

So many of these buildings are iconic.  My favourite?  Probably the Boss building, but the Dior building is very close.  I also like the HM building, but I guess technically it isn’t really on Omotesando.

Probably not Omotesando, but close enough to it is the HM building

Harajuku’s Apple store

The area is always a busy place and even at 8 pm when the shops are closing there are still lots of people in Harajuku as the area has many restaurants, izakayas and places to drink.  One thing I did notice last night was the number of talent scouts on the streets.  Harajuku being the fashionable place it is attracts a large number of equally fashionable young lads and ladies who are prime targets for the scouts of the fashion industry and entertainment world.

Omotesando Hills in Omotesando

Zara with Gold's Gym above

A few years ago, I used to teach at a talent agency and some of my students in the past have been talent scouts but they were all older people, thirty years old and up, but no more it seems from what I see on the streets lately.  Many of them now appear to be straight out of university, very young people.  Next time I’ll have to get some pictures of them in action.

Another thing I like about Harajuku are the window displays, so many good ones there to see.  Boss, Nescafe, Apple and so many others have really cool displays and just walking the streets to look at them can be very entertaining.

La Peral just across from the Prada building

The Prada building in Aoyama, so close to Omotesando

If you want to something to do at night in Tokyo a walk along Omotesando to enjoy the buildings, window shopping and people watching could keep you entertained for a few hours.