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Cherry blossoms at Inokashira park - 2017

Almost every year I go to Inokashira park cemetery for the cherry blossoms.  It’s a very, very good place for them.  This year though, was the first time I had been to the park to see them on a regular weekday.  Today was a little difficult really, as I couldn’t spend that much time there as I needed to go to work in the afternoon.  So, it was really a shoot and scoot photo session.  Get the shoots I wanted and then go home for lunch, then work.

Warm day, the sun is out, the cherry blossoms are in bloom - Inokashira pond is perfect

Today was just great, the weather was perfect and the trees were at their very, very best.  Full bloom!!  Kaboom baby!  Finally!  It was great to see them looking so good.  It was absolute perfection.

If you haven’t been to Inokashira park or have never heard of it before, then you should know that all the action during the cherry blossom season takes place around the pond.  There are trees on both sides and they hang out and over the water.  The entire place is very picturesque.  So many people with cameras, phones and selfie sticks all trying to get their shots.

The weather was really, really good for photography in my opinion.  I don’t know about you, but I always prefer some clouds in the sky to perfectly blue skies as they always add a little extra to a photo in my opinion.  Blue skies are just boring, they offer nothing to the imagination.  Then again if I had to choose blue skies or overcast, well, of course I’d choose blue skies.

Most of Inokashira pond's paddle boats out on the water

If you go to Inokashira park there is one thing you need to be aware of – people are allowed to have the “traditional” drinking parties there, lots and lots of blue plastic sheets on the ground ready for people to sit on and start their fun.  The parties can get a little rowdy occasionally, but not too bad, and these days they need to be over by 10 pm, which probably makes the nearby residents lives much easier during hanami, especially when it comes to them getting their sleep time at night. 

Inokashira park is a great place to cherry blossoms and I highly recommend it, so different to other famous places like Shinjuku Gyoen or Chidorigafuchi.  If you want to read more about it, you can read this article.